Starting from version 8.57.2 MB STUDIO supports MID-STREAM TAG: one or more commands to run in specified points of the current playing audio file.

Common use would be to display the songs titles during rebroadcasted shows or overlap jingles to the playing file.

MB STUDIO and MB RECASTER automatically creates a text file filled with song titles and the text file is saved in the same folder of the recorded audio file. When the recorded file is played on MB STUDIO the song titles will be displayed on the screen and  if the option "View Tag" is enabled, the titles are also sent has metadata over the webcast or Web Export. Not only that, if the song title is spelled correctly and is found in the archive of MB STUDIO, it will be 'marked as "broadcasted" so that it will not re-transmitted before the distance rules Configuration \ Songs.

This text file can be manually wrote by entering one or more lines of text with the following syntax:


Seconds=elapsed seconds after that the text will be displayed or the audio file will overlap (ex: 180 means 3 minutes)

type= 1 in case of a text to display (ex: song title), 2 in case of an audio file to overlap (ex: c:\jingles\radio.mp3") or a random files genre

text= the text to display or the audio file name enclosed in quotation marks

File sample to display some titiles:


File sample to overlap some audio files:

20,2,"c:\jingles\radio1.mp3"  <----- overlap this file

233,2,"GENERICO" <--------------- overlap a random file of genre GENERICO

498,2,"radio.mp3" <----------------- overlap this audio file and search for it in the setup\folders list


Mixed sample with text and audio files:


so that 'MB STUDIO executes the commands, the text file must be in the same folder of the related audio file and must have the same name but with different extension .txt

Ex: for audio file c:\hitparade\myshow dance saturday.mp3 the tag script file must be  c:\hitparade\myshow saturday.txt

Note: If you record a file in WMA format the metadata text file is not created, this is because the WMA format allows the writing of mid-stream metadata directly into the audio file, so you do not need a separate text file. Reproducing the WMA files on any MB STUDIO track titles will display without any text file.


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MB STUDIO PRO / LITE MB STUDIO is a radio automation software that will allow you to create and manage your own radio station playing all your media files: jingles, commercials, news, songs, Files from internet, live streams, live inputs from your sound card, satellite feeds. Automatically download news and shows from Internet. Multiple overlapping files and/or live sources (mic, line, aux). Voice tracking. Integrated CD Ripper. Integrated jukebox to play songs requested via sms / email messages. Display current playlist on your web site.


video reel32MB RECASTER features an audio recorder with scheduler, a webcast module to send streams to any Shoutcast, Icecast or Windows Media server, AutoDJ function to play randomly your own audio files from up to 4 folders, a stream receiver allowing to record or recast to your server (transcoder), an audio converter from/to any format.


MB LIVEMB LIVE is a software that stream a live audio feed from any place to an MB STUDIO PRO automation in the main radio studio. MB LIVE make use of a TCPIP connection: modem 56k, isdn, adsl, umts and is fully configurable with 3 different audio codecs: MP3, OGG e AAC+. This program is freely distributed in the MB STUDIO PRO package