Both MB STUDIO and MB RECASTER allow you to setup up to 4 encoders to stream live over an external server Shoutcast v1, v2 or Icecast or stream with the internal server

Select menu MBStudio \  Setup and click on the tab Webcast. The first time that you run your station, before to setup the encoder details, you have to set:


Now it's time to configure an encoder.

Shoutcast V1 (obsolete, use Shoutcast V2 instead)


Shoutcast v2




Internal Server

stream directly from MB STUDIO / MB RECASTER - to listen to the audio stream from outside your local network, you need to open the TCP port on your router.


In case the listening statistics do not work and show an error:


The causes can be:

1) in the encoder configuration you have to enter the administrator password, if you do not know it you can find it in the control panel of your hosting server

2) you are streaming in shoutcast v1 mode but the server requires a shoutcast v2 stream (or vice versa)

3) it is possible that your streaming server does not allow the listening stats to be downloaded, ask the administrator of your server for information