During a live show with MB LIVE (the tool that allow you to go remotely LIVE with MB STUDIO PRO) often arises the problem of audio latency (a delay) that exists when using the "Prelisten" function that allows you to hear MB STUDIO audio output. The full duplex connection means audio can lag to about 1 second which, although not annoying for monitoring purposes, makes it speech difficult when listening the audio back from the studio. MB STUDIO 8.56.4 introduced a new feature called "webcast Only" that route the audio of MB LIVE directly to the webcast streaming without passing through  MB STUDIO audio output. In case you use Prelisten in MB LIVE you have the advantage of not to be affected by the delayy. This function is useful only to web radio stations that encode the internet stream from MB STUDIO. If this option is active, the MB LIVE audio is not audible through MB STUDIO main audio card, but it's normally audible from internet listeners. So to take advantage of this function you must be exclusively a web radio station and encode the shoutcast or icecast stream directly from MB STUDIO.