Starting from version 8.59 MB STUDIO supports MID-STREAM TAG: one or more commands to run in specified points of the current playing audio/video file.

Common use would be to display the songs titles during rebroadcasted shows or overlap jingles to the playing file (overlap only on MB STUDIO PRO).


To set the position where to insert audio or text, open the prelisten window of any file or song, go to MidStreamTag section and add or modify MidStreamTag.

MB STUDIO save MidStream Tags in a separate text file located in the same folder of the corresponding audio/video file with the same filename but different extension .txt. If you share the audio/video file to other MB STUDIO users don't forget to share also the .txt file

Ex: for the audio file c:\chart\chart dance saturday.mp3 the MidStreamTag file will be c:\chart\chart dance saturday.txt

When the audio/video file play on any MB STUDIO the MidStream Tag will be executed so when reaching the corripsondig position text/titles will be displayed. If the Option "Display Tag" is enabled, text will output also to webcast Metadata, RDS encoder and WebExport. If the text is a song title and the song is present in the song archive, MB STUDIO will mark teh song as brodcasted to avoid retransmission before the distance rules of Setup\Songs