NOTE: you can use Supremo together with MB LIVE to better control the direction in the central studio, however know that the simultaneous use of Supremo will decrease the speed of the line and therefore if you want to have a low latency audio connection you should avoid the use of remote controls.

Do not schedule any automatic download in MB STUDIO during the times you are connected with MB LIVE, save internet bandwidth to ensure the stability of the streaming.

Beware of other PCs in your network, minimize data traffic in your network.

If you are directing from a place where they have other PCs on the network, make sure that they have not activated too many download / upload programs because in this case you will have serious disturbances on the streaming; preferably no computer should have running programs that receive or send data on the internet such as browsers, e-mails, downloaders, file sharing, and the same is of course true for the radio station's computers.