These videos are played automatically when an audio file without video is broadcast.

Static Video Folder - in this folder must be stored replacement video files in .mp4 format with the same name as the corresponding audio files.

For example, if the file mike.mp3 is broadcasted then MB STUDIO will look for the video file mike.mp4 in this folder.

If not found, and if there is a song broadcasted it is also searched for a file of the interpreter of the song (For example, when the audio song of "Madonna - Future" is aired, MB STUDIO searchs for the video "Madonna.mp4" ).

If not found then MB STUDIO searches for the title of the item or playlist or break that is currently broadcasted. For example, if an item is aired withn the property/title "Good evening" MB STUDIO will search for a video file "Good evening.mp4".

If no static video is found that meets the above requirements then MB STUDIO goes in search of a random video



Random Video Folder - in this folder there are filed replacement video files in .mp4 format that MB STUDIO will reproduce in a completely random way.


Here you can adjust the fonts and colors of the texts superimposed on the video. In the case of static or flashing text, if the text contains more than 1 line, each line is displayed for the time indicated by the "Update" selector