For the reproduction of video files in MB STUDIO the correct installation and configuration of the LAV video codecs is required

Download the codecs in the standard package from this page:

After installing the codecs open the "Codec Tweak Tool"

Click on Win7DSFilterTweaker: Preferred decoders 2019-10-22_000711.png in the 32 bit column set all the options available on LAV Video 2019-10-22_000725.png

click on "Direct show Filters" 2019-10-22_000226.png click on LAV Video decoder 2019-10-22_000251.png and configure everything as in this image: 2019-10-22_000307.png


To speed up video mixes in MB STUDIO enable video prebuffer: 2019-03-23_231052.png

from Control Panel click on Power Options  2019-12-08_134037.pngand set "High Performance