The MB STUDIO installation / update package requires the insertion of a code. This code changes with every major update of MB STUDIO. For example the installation code of version 8.65 is different from that of version 8.64. The serial code is the same for all updates of the same series (For example from 8.65.0 to 8.65.9 the same code will always be used). At any time you can get the installation code by downloading this program and running it:

Popular 8.66 3.59 MB 1256
15/12/2020 02:14:00

This window will be displayed:


ID: is the serial number of the cryptobox USB key. This number must be communicated to us for any technical or commercial communication and uniquely identifies your license and purchaser. This ID is also visible from the MBStudio menu

Version Max: this is the maximum version of MB STUDIO that can work with your USB key. If the latest version does not appear it means that the update license has expired and must therefore be renewed:

Password: this is the installation code for the version indicated above (Version Max)

Write down the password because you will also need it to install MB STUDIO on other computers without a USB key.

The USBDonglePAssword.exe program must be re-downloaded every time you want to get a new password.