Those who use the MB STUDIO video plugin can consider an external HDMI video encoder to send the audio + video stream to the server or for direct broadcasting from their internet connection (if you have many GB of upload bandwidth). This encoder replaces the (sometimes heavy) software solution based on OBS or VMix.

We tried MB STUDIO VIDEO with the encoder FMUSER FBE200 h264/h265. To use this encoder your computer must have one HDMI output available. This encoder creates a new screen in which we will move the MB STUDIO VIDEO window.

Advantages of the encoder over using OBS / VMIX:

  1. Faster computer because the CPU is not burdened by OBS STUDIO or VMix video encoders
  2. Possibility to generate up to 3 simultaneous streams with different codecs and / or protocols
  3. Possibility to transmit your stream on the internet without using an external video server, but it is necessary to have an internet connection with many GB of upload bandwidth
  4. It has the H265 codec which (with the same bitrate) has a better quality.
  5. No stream disconnection during windows restart.

Problems encountered:

  1. Although it is also possible to receive audio from the HDMI port I have often encountered HDMI audio disconnections and problems, I solved it by using only the HDMI video while the audio goes into the analog jack
  2. Video quality is slightly lower than using OBS / VMix
  3. It does not have an HDMI output for a control monitor, so if you want to see what is being broadcast, you need to plug in an HDMI hub to connect a control monitor.

You can evaluate the stream of this encoder on the MB RADIO and MB RADIO H265 TV channels that you find in MB PLAYER: