Let's see step by step the exact procedure to install the latest MB STUDIO update quickly and without errors.

If you have MB STUDIO installed on more than one computer, you need to update all your MB STUDIOs to the same version. The first that needs to be updated is the MB STUDIO which is connected to the USB dongle and all other MB STUDIO / MB SPOTs must be locked in all other computers.

The first thing to do is to get the installation code, this code changes often and we must also check if our update plan is still active. We then perform this procedure: HOW TO GET THE MB STUDIO INSTALLATION CODE If you use MB STUDIO on more computers you will use the same code to update MB STUDIO on all other computers.

Only if we have obtained an update code do we download the file:

Popular 47.59 MB 6962
18/10/2021 07:39:00

In order to download the file you must be a registered user and have regular access

We run the file, when requested we insert the update code and then we continue ...

At the end MB STUDIO will start updated.

After updating the computer equipped with a USB dongle key, let's immediately update all the other computers with the same procedure.