MB STUDIO working folder: The "Working folder" is used by MB STUDIO to read/write the database (songs, random files, downloads, agenda, hourly sequences, playlists). If you use MB STUDIO in one computer you do not need to set it, and in most cases corresponds to the folder where you installed the program (for example, C: \ MBStudio). In case you use MB STUDIO on multiple computers, set here the MBStudio folder of the main computer. See more HERE

TCPIP connections:

  • Listen on port: MB STUDIO waits for connections on port indicated here, this port is used for connections from MB LIVE, for receive "Titles" from another MB STUDIO or for receive "Split" area signals. If you change this value, click the adjacent button to apply the change.
  • Limit connections to this address: only accept connections from a specific IP address or range of addresses. For example, those who want to limit connection to the internal network could set the value 192.168.0.* .In most cases however, you can leave this box blank, because the security of connections will be guaranteed by the presence of the network password.
  • Encrypt connections with this password: you can type a password that will crypt. Warning: you must set the same password on MB LIVE and other MB STUDIO that will interact whith this one. If you leave this box blank, an attacker could connect MB STUDIO via internet and disturb the operation.

Split: this section is used for set the role Master or Split for work with different commercials areas or for send commands to an external MB STUDIO or MB RECASTER PRO

  • Master: If you use the area split, set this flag on the main computer
  • Slave: If you use the area split, set this flag on the secondary computers - Remote Master IP: enter the ip:port of the Master Computer, for example
  • Sync Clock:  Allows automatic synchronization of the system clock between two or more 'MB STUDIO / LIVE MB interconnected
  • Remote Host: In some advanced configurations, MB STUDIO PRO can send commands to others MB STUDIO or MB RECASTER PRO. In this case, enter here the address and port of the remote application. For example: If the option "Automatically update" is active, this box will automatically change the address when it receives a connection from the outside.

Remote titles: this section is used for receive or send the song titles to another MB STUDIO over the net

  • Accept remote titles: (MB STUDIO PRO only) MB STUDIO can get the program or the song title that is playing in another MB STUDIO. To do this, activate this option. To receive the titles from internet you must map an UDP port on the router whose number should be one less than the number of the port set on "Listen on port". For example if MB STUDIO is configured to receive TCP connections on port 9000, the remote titles will be received on UDP port 8999, the port must then be mapped on the router.

  • Item: remote titles are accepted only when an EXT source or MB LIVE is onair; if you leave it to Any, MB STUDIO will accept the remote titles both on EXT or MB LIVE.
  • Send titles to the following address: If this option is enabled, MB STUDIO will send titles to the address, port and password you specified.

    Here is a practical example of using the remote titles bewtween two MB STUDIO.
    In the main studio: Enable the option "Accept Remote Titles"
    In the external studio: enabled "Send titles" by entering the ip, port and password of the main studio
    When the main studio will air MB LIVE or an external source the remote titles will display on the screen (the songs are also marked as aired, thus maintaining synchronization between song archives)


MB LIVE: (MB STUDIO PRO Only) this section is used to enable / disable / configure connections from MB LIVE remote application

  • Enable: accept MB LIVE incoming connections (you can also use the AGENDA to schedule the status of this flag )
  • Buffer: the audio buffer length, low buffer means very low latency but stream could be unstable due to network packet loss, high buffer means high latency but the stream should be very stable
  • Liner: everytime that MB LIVE go on air you an audio file can preceed it or follow it; configure a LINER and set it here
  • Audio card: this the return feed (when the user click Prelisten on MB LIVE). Use MBStudio Mix for general purpose or set the input of your microphone