In order for MB STUDIO to receive connections from MB LIVE, the DMZ service must be opened

To find out which internal LAN IP address to map the DMZ, look at the network information displayed on the MB STUDIO main screen


the Lan number is the address to which you have to map the DMZ.

Alternatively if you can not open the DMZ service then you must map incoming TCP ports: you must map (open) the connection port of MB STUDIO and at least one following TCP port (+1) (or more following ports if you intend to receive more MB LIVE connections at the same time). Even if you use only one MB LIVE at a time it is better to open another 2 TCP ports because in case of a connection drop the port may remain unavailable for a few minutes. For example, if MB STUDIO waits for connections on port 9640, you need to open:
port 9640 TCP
port 9641 TCP (for receiving audio from an external MB LIVE station)
port 9642 TCP (another port for receiving audio from an external MB LIVE station)
etc etc. If you have to connect so many MB LIVE at the same time then you need to open as many consecutive ports as the maximum MB LIVE that will connect.
For example, if you could connect up to 10 MB LIVE at the same time, then I will open 10 TCP ports from 9641 to 9650. again, if you can open the DMZ you don't need to map all these ports.