• Enable - Enable or disable the video output window.
  • Aspect Ratio - Set the fixed size of the video window
  • Always on top - No other window will be placed in front of the video window.
  • Full Screen - when MB STUDIO starts, it goes full screen (double right click on the video window to enter / exit the full screen)
  • Hardware Decoder: Enables video decoding via the GPU (it is recommended to use a mid / high range NVIDIA graphics card). If this option is off, video decoding is done via software. In case of video problems try to activate or deactivate this option. The change takes effect from the next video.
  • Video Transitions: Simple video transitions such as horizontal, vertical, diagonal and center SLIDE are applied. Warning: during a video transition the user interface of MB STUDIO becomes irresponsive, if it bothers you use the minimum duration 250 ms or not to use the transitions. Also, don't use scrollable titles if you're using transitions.


It is possible to set a background image that is visible when no video is playing. The image can also be changed automatically on certain days and / or times through the agenda of MB STUDIO PRO (agenda / internal command)


It is possible to define in which position on the screen the video files will be played based on their audio properties. Files with standard properties are always played in full screen