The change of the Home Screen in MB STUDIO 8.56 involve some important differences in use than previous versions. Here are listed:

  • THERE IS NO MORE THE PLAY BUTTON ... however PLAY - AUTOPLAY - AUTOMATIC buttons are now switchs that you can activate (with one click) or disactivate (with another click), so, if you want that MB STUDIO will be idle at the of the current track just desactivate the red button PLAY ALL - AUTOPLAY - AUTOMATIC (and MB STUDIO will behave like if you click PLAY in the previous versions)
  • 2017-04-26_010116.png In manual mode, when you want to play up to x items, right click the PLAY button of the last item that you want to play to.

  • 2015 07 17 010920 the playlist is now displayed as slot instead of list: to change the position of a slot left click in the right side of the slot and drag it over another slot

  • The path and file name are hidden most fo times. To see them move the mouse over the slot and wait

  • 2017-04-26_010321.pngTo change the properties of an item right click a slot and click Properties or click / touch the menu icon 2017-04-26_010256.png

  • Keyboard shortcuts are now fully customizable. Enter Setup / Options / Keyboard. Form the same window you can also assign external bits (coming from a velleman usb card)
  • MB STUDIO window is fully responsive.