If you send the stream to a shoutcast 2 server (no Shoutcast 1 or Icecast), you can also send in-stream images, such as the radio station logo and the covers of the songs or programs being broadcast. In this way the player can download the image directly from the server and display it to the listener. This function is only available in MB STUDIO PRO, LITE, HOME and MB RECASTER PRO. To enable this function, simply activate the "Send Image" option in the shoutcast encoder 2:



The images must not exceed 523264 bytes in size (ie 512KB) and must be in .jpg format

The logo is read from the image folder (usually MBStudio \ Picture)


The station logo is available at the url server:porta/streamart?sid=sid 

the cover is available at the url server:porta/playingart?sid=sid