Now available MB LIVE, the software codec that allow live audio connections from anywhere to the main radio studio. This connection allow to broadcast live events like radio commentary, concert, show, news reports. Outside the studio you just need a Windows netbook/notebook/desktop computer and an internet connection; there's no need of human interaction in the studio; from outside, MB LIVE connect to MB STUDIO PRO or MB RECASTER PRO  and you can go on air stand alone or voice tracking the current song; also you can add/remove items from the on air playlist or disable breaks.

In the main radio station MB STUDIO PRO or MB RECASTER PRO is required as well an internet connection and a free input TCPIP port (you must access your router setup interface to map the ports)


MB LIVE work only if connected to MB STUDIO PRO version 8.61 or above or MB RECASTER PRO 4.6 and above, it don't work with MB STUDIO 8 HOME, LITE or MB STUDIO 7 or with DEMO versions.

MB LIVE is a free software and it's part of MB STUDIO 8 PRO or MB RECASTER PRO package.

MB LIVE can be installed on one or multiple computers and it don't require license activation or hardware dongle.



  • Embedded audio codecs MP3 and  OPUS
  • Password protected connection
  • Auto-reconnect option in case of dropped connection
  • Send program title to MB STUDIO
  • Log audio data to a local file
  • Display date, time and counters in sync with the main studio
  • Display the current remote playlist
  • On the fly voice tracking (Talk button)
  • Full duplex, audio return from the main studio
  • Keyboard shortkey
  • Integrated Live Chat
  • Search and prelisten remote audio files and add or drag to the on air playlist
  • Favorites list
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 support

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