MB STUDIO allows the playback of video files through the purchase of an optional Video plugin. The Video function can be added to MB STUDIO HOME or LITE or PRO.

With the video plugin it is possible to broadcast video files anywhere with the same characteristics as audio files. A video file can also be programmed in Voice Outro, Voice Track, Voice Intro mode and is played with audio and video superimposed on the file that is on the air.

Multiple video outputs: NDI, DeckLink, RTMP, RTSP, SRT or video file.

It is possible to set the display of song titles and logo and capture the video of 3 webcams.

Technical characteristics of the video plugin:

  1. play video files .avi .mov .flv .mkv .mp4 .m4v
  2. picture in picture overlay for voice outro, voice track, voice intro
  3. webcam management
  4. display logo and song titles
  5. display news ticker
  6. manage random or static replacement videos to play when a file without video is playing
  7. replace graphic effects when a song without video is playing
  8. video banners management
  9. RTMP, RTSP, SRT encoders
  10. video recording
  11. live video via MB LIVE
  12. send commands to external programs such as OBS Studio to perform video transitions, recall scenes, display text and images and countless other features</li >
  13. adds 12 months of software updates to the MB STUDIO license