• Play audio filetype WAV, MP2, MP3, MP4, WMA, OGG, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, OPUS
  • Play video filetype AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV, MP4, M4V
  • Support WASAPI audio 32 bit outputs for the best audio quality or internal MBStudio Mix (for systems without sound card)
  • Integrated Automatic Gain Control and Audio Compressor for balance all your sound levels and support for winamp DSP plugins
  • Gap killer to avoid dead air
  • Multiple play mode (loop, unloop, background, voice outro, voice track, voice intro) and crossfades for each track
  • Prelisten every track (multiple outputs card or multiple audio cards supported)
  • Compatible with any audio card working properly under Windows Vista, 7,8, 10
  • Automatic VOICE TRACK (no editing required - MB STUDIO automatically insert a voice track between OUTRO <-> INTRO)
  • Play audio from up to 4 external audio inputs (ex: External Receivers - Audio Codecs - Telephone Hybrid) with gap detector
  • Control start/stop of playlist items from external triggers (MB STUDIO PRO only)


  • Large media library to add songs from your hard disk with advanced search function
  • Set rules for music selection (distance among the same artist or title or album) and edit metadata for any song
  • Create your own categories
  • Prelisten, delete, copy or move any song
  • Different colour labels by language (green=national songs, blue=foreigner songs), and by play datedark=recently played, green forecolor=hitlist rotation)
  • Read standard and specific TAG (title, artist, year, genre, intro, comment, cue mix, cover, etc)
  • Integrated CD Audio Ripper, capture to MP3, OGG, OPUS, AAC, FLAC format (CDDB support)
  • TEASER support
  • Automatically play the REFRAIN of the next scheduled songs


  • Unlimited number of playlist
  • Each MB Studio Playlist support a large set of items like songs, random songs, audio files, random audio files, external audio sources, time /date / title / weather announcements, streams of other webradio stations, audio cd tracks, speech voices
  • Each playlist can be scheduled for a specific date and time or a specific cycle; enable/disable repeat playlist; force the start of the playlist or wait the end of previous playlist
  • Choose the songs manually or randomly according to your guidelines
  • Set rules for music selection (distance among the same artist or title or album)
  • HITLIST management ... you can schedule the specific rotation for current TOP songs
  • Jingle can be randomly selected by MB STUDIO according to the genre of the next song


  • Easy jingle plaette jingle machinewith fast start for live shows
  • Play single, multiple, or overlapped mode
  • Support direct audio input from an audio card
  • Each dj can have indipendent jingle palette
  • Continous play of INTRO of a song


  • Breaks include commercials, news, show, promo, external contents, live streaming
  • Items can be played from hard disk or instantly recorded with the built-in audio recorder
  • Commercial customers can be archived by genre, address, notes. Once you add a new customer you can scheduled the number of items to play each day, the start and expiration date, set a time rotation (ex: today on air at 11:30, tomorrow at 12:00, in 2 days at 12:30 and so on), set an order rotation (ex: today first, tomorrow third, in 2 days last, and so on)
  • Each break has a title (ex COMMERCIALS, NEWS, WEATHER, etc), can be forced on air or wait for the previous item to finish. You can also limit the duration of a break (ex: 3 minutes)
  • News can be recorder in a single file or in multiple files; automatically insert a background


  • Play external Shoutcast, Icecast, Hls or Windows Media audio streams
  • Webcast Shoutcast, Shoutcast 2, Icecast
  • MP3, AAC+, AAC, OGG, OPUS encoders
  • See how many listeners you have in real-time
  • Insert metadata (current song title or show title)
  • Upload text and picture to your web site (Allowing to display previous, current or next song titles)
  • Automatic download scheduler, support automatic zip or rar decompression (password protection supported)
  • Can download dynamic filenames (According to time or calendar)
  • Built-in RSS reader to show latest news


  • Receive, store, send short text messages and/or Emails
  • Remote control the automation via SMS and/or Email
  • Automatically send notifications when an item is on air or an error occurred
  • Automatic songs requests: listeners just send a message with artist*title and MB STUDIO will play the request also sending reply with the scheduled time of playback
  • Customize replies (Adding sponsor text)
  • "Title" service. Listeners can send "Title" message and MB STUDIO will reply with the recently played songs.


  • Support Windows speech voices SAPI 4 and 5
  • Can render a sentence or a text file to a speech file
  • Can render time or date o song title or weather announcements to a sppech voice


  • MB STUDIO support prerecorded announcements or speech voices rendered announcements
  • Current time
  • Current date
  • Current song tile - Previous song title


  • Log of all broadcasted items
  • MB STUDIO PRO has a built-in audio logger, continously record up to 180 days in any format.

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