PIRA32 RDS encoder meets the needs of most radio stations. An effective design and total digitization ensure reliability, excellent signal and allow many advanced functions.


MB STUDIO 8 PRO connects directly to the encoder via USB port or via TCP network managing:

  • PS Program Service: short radio station identifier (limited to 8 characters)
  • Dynamic PS e Radio Text: text up to 255 characters long where MB STUDIO displays the title of the song or program currently on the air
  • Dynamic PS2 e RadioText2: second text up to 255 characters long where it is possible to display the date and time, or alternate advertising messages or information. These messages can be programmed in advance by date and time thanks to the MB STUDIO AGENDA service.
  • Traffic Announcement: when MB STUDIO broadcasts an object whose statistics are "Information" or "local information", the Traffic Announcement status is automatically activated

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