MB STUDIO can handle RDS encoders produced by PIRA http://www.pira.cz/rds/ and DEVA BROADCAST http://www.deva-rds.com/products/rds-encoders

Currently only connection through the serial port COM / USB are supported

Serial port
Select here the serial port where the encoder is plugged in

Program service
a short station ID (8 characters)

Statis PS period
Number of seconds of Program Service display

Dynamic PS1
Text to display alternating to Program Service. If you leave it empty MB STUDIO automatically display the current song title or program title. See HERE how to customize the text to display

Dynamic PS2 (only PIRA model)
This is an alternating text to display
If you enter %HH:MM%% the current time will display

Dynamic PS mode
The mode to display the text.

Label period
Number of seconds to display the dynamic PS text

Traffic announcement
If enabled, when MB STUDIO play an item flagged as "News" or "Local News", the "RDS Traffic Announcement" is automatically generated

To set more advanced parameters like Program Identification PI or frequencies list use the RDS software applications:

PIRA  -  http://www.pira.cz/rds/show.asp?art=rds_encoder_software

DEVA BROADCAST - http://www.devabroadcast.com/downloads/smartgen-micro