MB STUDIO 8 is a powerful radio automation software with optional video output. The audio engine is fast, it includes an automatic gain control and a compressor and it supports the most common audio formats (WAV, MP2, MP3, MP4, AAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC) and video formats (avi, mov, flv, mkv, mp4, m4v).

The graphic interface allows an easy access to all functions, both in live assist or automatic mode. MB STUDIO imports songs from hard disk or cd and assigns many parameters to each song, allowing the creation of unlimited playlist matching the desired music clock. Songs can be tagged with language, genre, year, rate, comment, artist, title, composer, label, and many markers like In, Intro, Refrain In/Out, Out. MB STUDIO is very flexible and can be adaptable to music schedules of most radio stations. Voice tracks allows to mix/fade voice over music, recreating, for the listenes, the impression of a live broadcast. It features automatic time, date, song and weather announcements.

The Commercial scheduler manages automatically issue/expiration dates (date of issue, expiration, weekdays, months, alternative days/weeks, excluding holidays, etc) and it allows to set a time limit of  commercial breaks; the same rules apply to news bullettins and all other broadcasts. Full support for satellite feeds: it's possible to connect MB STUDIO to professional satellite receivers supplied from any news agencies, synchonizing the live broadcast or recording the content to a file for a later broadcast. Whenever the contents are available from the internet, the integrated module allows to download automatically any files; in the case of a failure it alerts the administrators switching the download to an alternative address or file.

MB STUDIO PRO has a built-in audio logger and recorder.

MB STUDIO PRO features a SMS / Email manager: incoming messages are stored in a database, it allows to manage a phonebook and send mailing lists automatically; the most interesting function is the automatic jukebox MUSICLINE that allows the listeners to request songs using SMS or Email messages containing full or partial artist and song title; MB STUDIO automatically process the request, checks the song availability according to the administrator rules, therefore it add the song to the on air playlist and it replies to the listenester sending the broadcast time or the failure description. No need to enter codes or numbers, it's very easy to use MUSICLINE!
Also available the "Title" service which send last played songs list to the listeners.

MB STUDIO 8 is ready for webcasting: the integrated encoders allows to webcast over the internet in Shoutcast or Icecast format and to display the current playlist on the web site, including artwork and/or latest incoming messages.

MB STUDIO 8 PRO allows to go live from any location all over the world; using any TCPIP connection and our free utility MB LIVE, it's possible to send live audio to MB STUDIO with high quality and low latency; any event can now be broadcasted live.

MB STUDIO 8 PRO allow to use speech synthetized voices to read short texts, to live broadcasts or song announcements. Speech voices are available from third party manufacturers in different languages.

MB STUDIO can run in a single desktop computer, or in a lan, or in client/Server mode; no special hardware is required; all common audio cards are supported including professional cards.

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