Even purchasing a single license of MB STUDIO, you can install the program on all computers in your internal network. The aim is to administer the radio station (manage the music archive or the scheduleR MB SPOT) from any other computer without necessarily using the main computer. The only limitation is that only the computer that is physically connected to the USB key crypto box allows the use of the mode 'AUTOMATIC and AUTOPLAY.


To use MB STUDIO from other computers on the internal network, you must first share (read / write) the folder MBStudio from the main computer:

Now you can install MB STUDIO on others computers always using the setup file MBStudioInstall8xx.exe (the serial code is always the same)

After the installation, enter menu MBStudio\Setup and click on "Network". Set the "MBStudio working folder" to the MBStudio folder of the main computer

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The "Working folder" is used by MB STUDIO to read/write the database (songs, random files, downloads, agenda, hourly sequences, playlists). If you use MB STUDIO in one computer you do not need to set it, and in most cases corresponds to the folder where you installed the program (for example, C: \ MBStudio). In case you use MB STUDIO on multiple computers, set here the MBStudio folder of the main computer.

For example:
MB STUDIO is installed twice, the first installation is on a computer named ONAIR and the second on a computer named OFFICE. Now we want to load / edit songs or manage the playlists form the OFFICE computer.
On the computer ONAIR share the folder of MBStudio with both read and write permissions. (usually C:\MBStudio)
On the computer OFFICE click the icon in the "MBStduio working folder", browse network resources, navigate the computer ONAIR until you reach the folder MBStudio; the result could then be \\ ONAIR  \ MBstudio.
After a restart, MB STUDIO in the computer OFFICE, will display the songs library, playlists, donwloads, agenda, random files and playlists that are present in the ONAIR computerand you can edit and save the data from OFFICE computer.

If you also want to play the files from the network, enter menu Setup\Folders and add all the folders that contains audio files on the ONAIR computer. Ex: \\ONAIR\MBStudio\Songs  \\ONAIR\MBStudio\Jingles \\ONAIR\News etc etc, and remove the locale folders starting by C:\ or D:\


  • when you change the songs library (add, delete or edit one or more songs), the changes take effect at midnight. If you want to apply the changes immediately: on the client side select menu' Songs \ Save Library then  go on the main computer, click the "Songs" button and select menu Songs - Load Library
  • changes to playlists or minilists are applied immediately.
  • changes to Random Files, Agenda, Downloads, Messages, take effect at midnight. If you want to apply the canges immediately go to the main computer and open the relative window (ex: Random Files, Agenda, Download, Messages).