The USB dongle CryptoBox is a small electronic key that must be inserted into a USB port of your computer and that enables the software license that you have purchased. This activation method has the following advantages:

  • your license is stored in the key, so if you decide to change to computer use, you can move it with the software
  • in the case of formatting the computer will not be necessary to reactivate the software.
  • can be updated from remote, so, if you purchase additional licenses, you don't have to purchase additional keys.

The USB CRYPTBOX will be shipped to your address and delivered in approximately 5 to 10 days

The crypto USB box is automatically supplied with the first purchase of MB STUDIO or MB RECASTER and requires the installation of a driver

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In case of loss, fire, flood, physical destruction, the USB key (and the software license) will not be replaced, but you will have to buy a new key USB + software license