Standard Mix
It allows to optimize the mixing between "Standard File" objects. If at 0 the files play one after the other without overlapping, if at more than 0 the starting file overlaps the ending file.

Gap Detection
MB STUDIO has a builtin gap killer that can kill up to 15 seconds on the begin/end of a track. The sensitivity range from 0 (disabled) to 20.
If set too low you can hear gap at begin / end of a track, if too high you can hear premature cut at the begin / end of the file. It effect only audio files, it has no effect on EXT, URL and other type of items.

Fade IN
when a track has an IN cue point different than 0, it's best to apply a Fade In effect.

Fade OUT
when a track has an END cue point different then the original end, it's best to apply a Fade Out effect. This effect also his applied when you click the Next or Stop button. You can also customize this effect for any track through the PRELISTEN window.

Volume Voice Track
When a Voice Outro, Voice Track, Voice Intro, is aired, or when clicking the TALK button (with Autofade enabled), the current playing track volume is lowered to this value. However you can setup this value for every single track using the Properties window; if on that window you set the volume to 100 or to 0 vol then MB STUDIO will apply automatically this Volume Voice Track volume.

Skip it after a gap of xx:xx
If silence is aired and this time is expired, MB STUDIO click automatically the NEXT button.