In this section you can configure a GSM Modem to receive / send SMS Short Text Message. Thorugh this service it's possible to remote control MB STUDIO or request songs (MUSICLINE). You can use almost any USB GSM/3G/4G key.

Port: select the virtual COM port to communciate with the modem device

Enable reception: MB STUDIO will periodically poll the device for new incoming messages

Enable send: MB STUDIO is allowed to send messages (costs could be applied according to your carrier plan)

Send Song title: when an incoming message "Title" MB STUDIO will reply with the list of latest songs played

Country code: international country code

Max daily number of SMS to send: when MB STUDIO reach this value of sent messages it stop to send new messages until midnight.

Limit outgoing SMS to following dial: here you can set a series of prefix to limit the outgoing messages to.

SMS Header: this is the header text of any outgoing message

Pin: this the pin code of the sim cart

Sca: Message Service Centre number. This should normally be empty, but you can set you carrier Centre number in case of problems.


  • 7 - 7-Bit GSM Character Encoding (Maximum 160 characters per message)
  • 8 - 8-Bit ANSI Character Encoding (Maximum 140 characters per message)
  • 16 - 16-Bit Unicode(UCS2) Character Encoding (Maximum 70 characters per message)

Save to:

  • "SM" - SIM memory
  • "ME" - GSM modem/phone memory
  • "MT" - mixed area (recommended)


  • Send broadcast time: when a song is requested it will reply with the time when the song will be on air (use the syntax artist*title to request a song)
  • Send failure description: when a song request si declined it will reply with the reason of the failure.