In this section you can configure up to 20 different FTP servers or the same FTP with different remote folders. Only MB STUDIO PRO can use up to 20 FTP servers, MB STUDIO LITE and HOME use a single FTP server number 0. MB STUDIO uses FTP servers to upload the cover art, the OnAir.txt file (which contains information on what is on the air), the templates to view the playlist that is on air, and the recorded audio / video files with the automatic recorder. All fields must be filled in correctly and the TEST button must be clicked to ensure that the connection works.

FTP Upload

  • Type: here the type of server must be selected between ftp, ftps, sftp and ssh
  • Host: is the address of the website's ftp server (for example ftp.mysite.com) (do not enter the prefix:// and therefore do not enter ftp:// or ftps:// or sftp:// or ssh://)
  • Port: connection port (usually 21 for ftp or 22 for sftp)
  • Remote folder: FTP folder where to upload the data (eg public/html/)
  • User: username
  • Password: password
  • Passive FTP: setting about the type of connection to be made (usually it must be activated)
  • Test: click it to test the connection