With MB STUDIO HOME or LITE you can buid a library of up to 5.000 songs while MB STUDIO PRO has an initial limit of 20.000 songs but you can change it with a registry key ( MUSICAL ARCHIVE SIZE SETTING )

It's strongly recommended to collect the songs in a single folder or very few folders.

MB STUDIO is not compatible with a collection of folders and subfolders like author/album/song, in this case enable the option "copy" or "move" before to import the songs

If you don't like the deault location MBStudio\Songs create a new folder where you want to store the songs that MB STUDIO will play.

In this songs library only load song files, do not load jingles, news or any other type of items. This library is intended only to manage the music and you can have unexpected behaviours of the program if you load other type contents.


To add new songs to the library click on the icon: 2014 12 20 032237

Select the menu 2014 12 20 032337

 2014 12 20 033224

Now you have to choose:

  • Add Songs from a folder - will import all the files from a folder (subfolders are ignored)
  • Add Songs from files - allow you to select one or multiple files from a requester (use Shift or CTRL for multiple selection)
  • Add Songs from CD Audio - allow to rip tracks from a standard audio cd

The songs that are already present in the library are ignored. Songs presence is detect by tag artist - titl and filename. Some files has malformed tags (ex: artist unknown - title unknown) and MB STUDIO could refuse to load it. In that case you can use the option Ignore Tag that is explained later in this article.

 2014 12 20 033232

  • Copy files to default folder - will copy the songs to the default folder selected below
  • Move files to default folder - will copy the songs to the default folder selected below and it will delete the file at the origin location

If you don't enable any option here, the songs will remain at the origin location and MB STUDIO will only add the original path to folders list in Setup\Folders

2014 12 20 033240

  • Ignore song tag - MB STUDIO will not read any tag form the songs (usefull when you have malformed tags)
  • Force the following tag - allow you to specify a language, genre, year, rate to assign to the songs. This is especially usefull if your library is divided by genre folders. Ex: to load all the songs from a folder "Dance 80" you can force the tag genre: Dance and year: 1980

 2014 12 20 033247

Now you can proceed to Add Songs clicking the button

The results are showed in a window:

2014 12 20 034709


 The songs already present in the library are showed with a special icon:

2014 12 20 034915


Problematics files are showed with a special icon:

2014 12 20 035213

The file is corrupted, or unreadable, or has a syntax problem (special characters or empty spaces at begin or at the end). Try to rename it or to rename the folders and subfolders where is located.