Here's how to create your first dynamic PLAYLIST (for dynamic we means that the songs are automatically choosed by MBSTUDIO and not by you):

To create a new dynamic PLAYLIST click on Edit Playlist

In our first example we will build a rotation playlist that will play a random song, a random jingle, and so on.
It's required that you have loaded some songs in the library and at least one file in the random file library

Click the button New List

a) Double click on the first blank lineof the playlist and select the item Random File

leave the selection of Any and click Apply

b) Click the next position in the playlist and Insert Random Song
2014 12 19 235916

In the request usually leave all the choices on any and hit OK.
2014 12 19 235934

Repeat steps a) and b) how many times you want, but in general you can stop here.

Now set the Starting Time for this playlist
2014 12 19 235958

enable all the weekdays
2014 12 20 000024

enable the "Rotation non stop" option (so the playlist will cycle without stop)
2014 12 20 000045

enter a Title and a Comment (note that the title will be visible in the metadata of the stream) and click Save
2014 12 20 000106

The final result should be like this:
2014 12 20 002915

The playlist will be on air automatically at the scheduled time only if at that time MB STUDIO is in AUTOMATIC mode. To manually air a playlist at anytime click the button "Load Playlist" in the home screen of MB STUDIO.

when using a DEMO version of MB STUDIO, AUTOMATIC function is not available, so you can only load the playlist manually and it will not repeat at the end.