The RANDOM SONG item allows you to add a random song to the playlist or break. The song is randomly selected between all the songs according the specified parameters.

The comment box also allows you to specify one or more words that must be present in the comment field of the song. For example, if you write the comment "sanremo" must be selected a song that has the word "sanremo" in his comment.

It's also possible to request a random song from a specific artist: just type in the comment box the name of the artist preceded by a semicolon, as in the image above, for example, ;madonna. With this method you can also make a playlist of songs by a single artist (in this case the rules of distance are ignored).

Yet you can request a random song by a word in the title. For example to request a song where the title contain the word "love" write in the comment box double semicolon word and therefore ;;love