starting from version 8.62.2 MB STUDIO supports M3U type playlists. These playlists are generated by external music programmers such as Music 1. The procedure to use an external scheduler is usually the following:

1) Export the MB STUDIO music archive to the external scheduler: this can be done via a file in .csv format generated by MB STUDIO. Go to the Songs section, from the "Select all songs" edit menu and from the 'Print - Selected Songs' menu and select the fields you want to export in CSV format


Then import the .csv file into the external scheduler program and generate the desired playlist (s).

2) Put the .m3u playlists inside the MBStudio playlist making sure that the file name must have the following syntax;

hhmm.m3u hh = hours mm = minutes eg a m3u playlist that must start at midnight will be called 0000.m3u

Usually the external schedulers generate a 24-hour daily playlist, in this case it will be necessary to add the date in the file name, and since each scheduler names the files differently it is possible to tell MB STUDIO in advance what the names are called playlist .m3u. Go to Configuration / Options / Other and with the help of wildcards specify the format of the playlist name .m3u


For example, entering the wildcard %ddmmyyyy% MB STUDIO here will accept the .m3u playlists with this syntax

hhmmddmmyyyy.m3u hh = hours mm = minutes dd = day mm = month yyyy = year

000024102019.m3u playlist .m3u that will be loaded at midnight on October 24th 2019.