Sometimes it is necessary to generate playlists of songs to broadcast in the following days (using as source the same model playlist containing random songs). Since there are rules of musical distance that must be respected it is necessary to follow a special procedure during the generation of the playlist in order to minimize the risk of breaking the rules of musical distance. Only MB STUDIO PRO allows you to respect the rules of musical distance in playlists for the future. The HOME and LITE versions also allow you to generate playlists for the future but do not apply the distance rules to the future.

So let's see how to prepare for example 7 playlists of songs for the next 7 days:

1) prepare the original playlist containing random songs, jingles and everything we need:


2) adjust the broadcast time and date of the first future playlist: (always specify a future date with a unique start / end date as this playlist only needs to be broadcast once)

   2021-05-27_171250.jpg    2021-05-27_171313.jpg

3) click the "Generate Random Songs" button


4) now you will notice that MB STUDIO turned random songs into songs to be broadcast for that day and hour


5) we save the playlist with a title and a comment and if necessary we export the playlist in .csv format to send it to the speakers who will have to record the voice track interventions.


6) well, now the first playlist has been created and we can create the chronologically subsequent one (for example the one for the next day) then go back to point 2) of these instructions, set the new date and the new time and continue with points 4) and 5) for all the playlists we need to generate.

But be careful, since we must do everything possible to respect the rules of musical distance between the same interpreter, title, abum etc etc we must observe some rules when creating playlists for the future.

  1. Generate the playlists strictly in chronological order, for example, first that of day 17 then that of day 18 then 19 and so on .... if you do not respect the chronological order the rules of musical distance will not be respected.
  2. Generate all playlists in a single session without restarting MB STUDIO and without doing other operations. If the playlists are not generated all together at the same time, the rules of musical distance will not be respected.
  3. Set the time and date of the future playlist BEFORE clicking the "Generate Causal Songs" button. If you do this after the rules of musical distance will not be respected.
  4. Do not generate too many future playlists, at most generate a week of playlists, for example on Saturday generate the playlists of the following week from Monday to Saturday.
  5. Generate a future playlist by 11:59 pm the day before the broadcast. If you generate a playlist for today MB STUDIO will not be able to respect the rules of musical distance