In the Setup page you must enter:


  • Address: you must enter the ip address or virtual domain name of the radio's internet connection. If you do not know it, call the staff at the radio station and read the address shown on the main screen of MB STUDIO, NETWORK box it is the second number, the lower number
  • in the box Port enter the port number set in MB STUDIO
  • nella casella Password inserite la stessa password che avete inserito nella casella password di MB STUDIO
  • In the Title box you can enter the title of the program
  • the capture card from which you intend to take the signal to be sent to the main studio
  • choose a transmission type, Voice (Mono Opus 32k) or Music (Stereo Opus 64k)
  • adjust the volume level of the capture (from -10 attenuation to +10 amplification, the default is 0 central)
  • The echo cancellation flag is used to deactivate the audio return from the studio when you speak in order to avoid annoying echo effects due to the latency of the connection. The pre-listening is automatically turned off when you speak and turn off the microphone when you do not speak
  • With LOAD DELETE SAVE you can manage different configuration files