Plane9 is a music visualizer that you can use as a replacement video for songs without video.


To load the graphic effects in MB STUDIO download and install this file:

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03/11/2022 20:16:27

Unlike the other graphic effects, Plane9 does not receive audio directly from MB STUDIO but only accepts the incoming audio from the default sound card (it does not allow you to choose the desired card, we have to make an audio source default). So if we do not configure the sound pickup correctly, the displayed effects will not go to the rhythm of the music that is on air. To configure Plane9:

  1. explore the MBStudio \ Plane9 folder and double click on Plane9.Config 2022-11-05_032030.jpg
  2. set the "options" like this: 2022-11-05_032113.jpg

Now if we have the incoming audio on a sound card, let's make the default that input from the audio \ recording control panel:



If, on the other hand, we have no incoming audio, we can install a virtual audio cable ( )  and activate a second output in MB STUDIO


and of course make the recording from the audio cable default:


 To understand if Plane9 really receives the audio of MB STUDIO's music, let's launch Plane9.Config again 2022-11-05_032030.jpg

and we launch the effect called "Waves of sin" 2022-11-05_033221.jpg

if Plane9 correctly receives music from the default recording card we will see the sinusoids move in sync with the music


if Plane9 is not receiving audio you will only see horizontal lines