If you use MB STUDIO's RTMP, RTSP, SRT, NDI encoder or automatic video recorder and you use a DSP or VST audio processor or an external hardware processor you may need to delay the video track to compensate for the delay existing on your audio chain. It is therefore necessary to go to Configuration \ Webcast \ More and move the cursor called "Video Delay" between 0 and 1 second


To check the audio video sync, play a test video like this one on repeat

4.26 MB
01/06/2023 14:56:41

note that the new value has no effect on the encoders already in operation, but only starting from the subsequent ones. So the RTMP, RTSP, SRT, NDI encoder will have to be manually deactivated and reactivated to see its effect.

The "Recorder delay" slider does not affect the RTMP, RTSP, SRT, NDI encoder, only audio or video recordings. It is used to delay the start and end of recordings to compensate for any delay caused by the audio processor.