A frequent need is to video broadcast an interview from SKYPE or to view the remote speaker that is broadcasting live via MB LIVE. In this article we see how to configure and broadcast the skype window inside MB STUDIO VIDEO.

1) We configure SKYPE so that it does NOT display the call window when it is in the background

2) We configure SKYPE \ ADVANCED so that SKYPE automatically answers incoming calls and automatically starts the video

3) now make a SKYPE call and place the skype video window in a place on the screen that does not disturb. Then go to MBStudio \ Configuration \ Video \ Camera 3 and click on "choose a window" and choose Skype from the list

 4) now at any time it is possible to broadcast SKYPE manually by clicking the button of VideoCamera 3 and choosing the desired position:


5) to automate the display of SKYPE every time the remote speaker clicks the MB LIVE TALK button, go to MBStudio \ Configuration \ MB LIVE \ Properties and activate the flag "at the beginning VIEW camera 3" and "at the end Turn Off camera 3 "

ATTENTION: When viewing SKYPE the SKYPE window must not be moved! Furthermore, the window must never be minimized and must not touch the edges of the screen otherwise MB STUDIO will return an error and will not display it.