If you encounter a bug or malfunction of MB STUDIO or MB RECASTER please send the debug with a detailed explanation of the problem and your considerations on the problem. In case of a software error, sending the data could be very useful to solve the problem in the next update

From MB STUDIO or MB RECASTER select the Help menu and choose "Report a problem"

If MB STUDIO or MB RECASTER does not start, browse the MB STUDIO or MB RECASTER folder and double click on the SendDebug.exe file

Now you have to select the day and time when the problem occurred. If it is a repetitive or ongoing problem, still indicate a time when the problem occurred.

In the description of the problem, provide as much detail as possible, if the problem concerns a song write the interpreter and title, or write the name of the file that was on the air at that time, or the title of the timeline or playlist or minilist.

Then click the "Report a problem" button and wait a few minutes for the outcome of the operation

If the report is incomplete, incomprehensible, or if your email is not written correctly, you will not receive a response.