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MB STUDIO 8.36 was created by MB SOFT
MB STUDIO version 8.36 upgrade available


This upgrade could implement important changes that could like or not to existing users.
Installing this upgrade you accept all the changes.
You're not forced to upgrade, if you remark important technical troubles or simply you don't like the new version, simply restore the previous version and still with it.

Here a short list of new features/changes: (Some change could not be listed)

  • New audio engine, better quality and speed
  • Some proprerty has been renamed like "Mix Standard" and "Overlap mix",
  • Play modes now are the following:
    Standard Mix - item play until the END cue point then fade out
    Overlap Mix - item play until the END cue point then continue to play in the background while the following item start to play and both play overlapped
    Background - item start play at the same time with the following item
    Voice Outro - item play from the OUTRO cue point and END cue point of the previous item
    Voice Track - item play from OUTRO cue point of the previosu item and INTRO cue point of the following item
    Voice Intro - item play from START cue point and INTRO cue point of the following item
    No Mix - item play from START to END, every cue point is ignored (usually needed to play files that are  currently downloading from itnernet or recording at same time)
  • The old Property "Stop Background" is now moved in the Property/Flags window
  • You can now start playing every item from: START, INTRO, START REFRAIN, END REFRAIN, OUTRO
  • You can now end playing every item to: INTRO, START REFRAIN, END REFRAIN, OUTRO, END
  • Built-in audio recorder. (usefull for rebroadcast)
  • The prelisten now feature hundreth of a second. To backward/forward 1 hundreth of a second left click the smallest arrows, to backward/forward 1 tenth of a second keep pressed
  • No gap start from URL and/or MB LIVE connections

  • New internal system of musci rotation, with automatic recovery of late songs
  • The rate of a song now has effect on his rotation, ex one song with rate 10 will probably be broadcasted 10 times more frequently than a song with rate 0 or 1 (hitlist songs are not affected by this behaviour)
  • Improved calendar
  • Auto download covers from our server (you have to switch on this option in Configuration/Publishing

  • Option to use multiple groups of liners
  • You can now load all the commercails of the same customer into one unique customer window

  • Now you can use input BIT5 of Velleman USB interface

  • You can now use 4 different methods to play inputs of an audio card: Windows Mixer, WDM Record From, ASIO Record from, ASIO Mirror. IF an audio card support ASIO, the new method ASIO Mirror has a very low latency.

  • Fixed some bugs

  • "External Titles" service to send/receive song titles to/from another MB STUDIO
  • In Agenda and Download windows you can filter view by dayname or custom text
  • New internal commands added to Agenda
  • Random files now feature time ranges inclusion/exclusion
  • A new log file is now written: it display all the broadcasted items

To upgrade from MB STUDIO 8.33 to MB STUDIO 8.36 login to [ftp=ftp://MBSOFT.NET]ftp://MBSOFT.NET[/ftp]  and download the file MBStudioUpdate836.exe

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Replied by on topic Re: MB STUDIO 8.36
Hi Maurizio!

Can you explain how the "external title" function works?

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