Velleman V110N and triggers?

19 Jan 2017 14:51 #81758 by paul03034
Velleman V110N and triggers? was created by paul03034
Hoping someone can help here!

In USA we have a required EAS (Emergency Alert System) system for station. It has GPIO to hook to automation system and I want to interface with V110N to fire triggers that causes MBS Studio to do certain things and the control EAS unit.
I have already done this with BSI Simian Pro and Broadcast Tools SRC16 GPIO, but I like MB Studio overall and want to use it to replace Simian.

Here is what is needed.

EAS gets alert to relay a message and closes a contact attached to say Bit 1 (input) V110N

(EAS has that pending alert to be sent within 15 minutes automatically no matter what automation is doing if not tied to automation or if not sent manually)

Bit 1 causes MB Studio to go to live assist (pause playlist at end of currently playing song, so EAS does not automatically send alert over some song).

Random song ends and causes V110N to do contact closure Bit 6 and MB Studio pauses from previous Bit 1 trigger.

Bit 6 contact closure causes the EAS unit to send out the alert while MB Studio is paused (Live Assist)

EAS unit does different contact closure to say it is done on Bit 2 (input) V110N

MB Studio sees the Bit 2 (EAS done sending message) and plays next song in playlist and everything goes back to normal.

Thanks for any help!

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20 Jan 2017 11:58 #81761 by MB SOFT
Replied by MB SOFT on topic Velleman V110N and triggers?
Hello, im not sure i understood the full sequence that you need. You can confiugure the Velleman 5 Inputs by setup

For each bit you can decide the corresponding action.

Instead to open / close the 8 output contact bit you can do it in any item property or in Agenda \ Internal Command.

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21 Jan 2017 17:43 #81770 by paul03034
Replied by paul03034 on topic Velleman V110N and triggers?
Thank you for your reply!

I'll try to make it clearer as I have hard time explaining.

I realize now what I must do is just pause whatever is happening in automation then send alert message then un-pause as I cannot find another way in MB Studio to do it. There is no way I can find to fire a Bit 8 except at a pre determined time in Agenda?

I will list how another automation does it. This could be live satellite sport event, news feed, etc...

Simian has triggers like your keyboard tab.
Triggers wait for the outside world to close a input (bit1, bit 2, bit 3, bit 4, bit 5).
each bit can be assigned a function to run when it occurs.
Triggers wait 24hrs a day looking for a bit to happen like the keyboard tab in MB Studio.

Example: Bit 1 is assigned a function to insert a cart named EAS Start into playlist to play next (top of playlist N1)

Bit 1 input close - trigger function inserts the cart named EAS Start with macro commands to play next (top of playlist N1)

Carts playlist:
1. macro: go to live assist (Live assist is let playing item finish and stop. Keep playlist and require manual starts) (Advance to next line)
2. macro: close bit 8 (external play equipment) (Wait)

Now that system is in live assist it just sits there doing nothing

External equipment closes Bit 2
System has trigger assigned to Bit 2 to play a cart EAS END
Cart Playlist:
1. end Live Assist and Start Automation Auto
2. play next item at top of playlist

Everything goes to normal and playlist is as it was.

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