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31 Jan 2017 23:48 #81820 by Mastacheata

We ( team) got multiple support requests from MB Studio users who'd like to have the "interval" and "filtering" features from and the new beta service.
As far as I can tell the Web Export functionality of MB Studio is limited to sending every track regardless of whether it's an actual song or advertising/liners/station ids etc. also there's no way to set an interval (i.e. post only once every 30 minutes or post only every 5th track).

I don't know if there's a plugin interface to hook into MB Studio and develop such a functionality on our own as a third party extension like we do for SAM Broadcaster (using the internal scripting engine PAL) or RadioDJ (using a full-blown .NET plugin with own graphical user-interface).
If there was, we'd be glad to supply our webservice as a plugin "in a box" with automated configuration from PAL file and support for all features we provide on the other platforms.

If not, I'd like to ask on behalf of the people seeking support from us to at least implement some way to make the web export functionality of MB Studio post only every so often instead of each track.

Kind regards,
Benedikt Bauer
Main-Developer of

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01 Feb 2017 12:00 #81824 by MB SOFT
Hello, filtering is already supported:

Interval is not supported but using filtering to publish only songs the interval is never less than 3 minutes so is not going to flood the service.

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02 Feb 2017 02:18 #81835 by Mastacheata
Replied by Mastacheata on topic Plugin Interface / Add interval&filtering to webex
It doesn't really matter to us if people would like to post each track.
That's how this service was intended when it started a few years back.
But apparently that's not what the majority of our users wants.
Out of 3000 registered accounts on the old service, 2500 accounts have chosen either PlayCount > 1 or Time > 5 min.
The average timings are 15 minutes for time based interval or 10 tracks for playcount interval.

No idea how that maps to the MB Studio users, I doubt they make up any reasonable share of the 3000 total accounts.
But extrapolating from the general audience, this feature might be welcomed by your users as well.

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