Bizarre situation question

13 Jun 2017 03:46 #83023 by paul03034
Bizarre situation question was created by paul03034
I am sure there is no solution, but I ask just in case I miss something to work around my issue as it is not a bug or defect, just my situation.
This may be confusing in what I say below?

I get an EAS alert that needs to go out, so depending on its importance determines timing of delivering that emergency message.

A watch alert inserts the alert message in top of playlist to happen after the current event ends and the system has up to 15 minute timeout to play that message somewhere at the end of an event.

A warning inserts the message at top of playlist also, but if the current running event is more than 5 minutes it will pause MB Studio as there is a 5 minute timeout window for delivering message. Pause, deliver message and unpause.

A immediate threat pauses automation immediately and plays threat message and then continues automation where it left off.

What happened is I had an alert and it cued itself to play at top of playlist, but a break time came and inserted itself at top of playlist and break aired first and then because the EAS time elapsed it played emergency message during commercial interrupting that commercial.

If I have an emergency message that is unplanned to air automatically, is there some way to prevent a break from inserting itself before the message and delaying the message that is an emergency?

I still want that break to happen after the emergency message goes out, so the break is delayed more than it would normally have happened.

I figure there is no way to prevent this, but I ask to be sure.

Thank you!

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13 Jun 2017 11:29 #83024 by MB SOFT
Replied by MB SOFT on topic Bizarre situation question
This alerts are normal audio files?

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