MB Studio using UDP connection to mbsoft.net ?

22 Jul 2017 03:24 - 22 Jul 2017 03:30 #83643 by paul03034
I used to VPN to server with a workstation and then I upgraded and now it does not work after upgrade.

First when I installed the latest version my anti-virus kicked in and shut some .exe file that MB Studio installed. On that computer I cannot connect via VPN to server since upgrade.

Next I installed software on a computer without antivirus and launch MB Studio an it basically launches pretty quick and all is OK looking at C drive and connected to internet.

Now if I do my VPN connection which tunnels direct to remote location and does not allow any internet for security reasons the following happens.

I launch MB Studio and it just seems to hang for some time. Occasionally I might get a not responding.

I go to setup my remote network connection and MB Studio does not display the path, but if I do file explore the network connection is there and I can look at all the directories and files in MB Studio on remote server.

I noticed a message of UDP port connection failed to mbsoft.net because I am blocking all external internet traffic preventing possible security leak.

I drop the VPN and reload MB Studio and it loads quickly and I see it is going out and talking to MB Soft for some reason.

Many versions down, I had a connection and accessed MB Studio server from workstation, but now I can't and it all seems to be after upgrading workstation several versions.

The new workstation will not connect to server and will not acknowledge there are network drives sitting there available to map in MB Studio.

Without network cable it is just a little slower.

Without VPN MB Studio does not show my networked drives, just the internal ones, while file explorer show all drives.

Thank you!
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22 Jul 2017 11:36 - 22 Jul 2017 12:24 #83644 by MB SOFT
The connection to mbsoft.net is only sending statistic information, the same info that you can see using the menu MBStudio\About. But it's not necessary and you can block it without any problems. So if you have some problem is not related to the conenction to mbsoft.net. At start MB STUDIO will check for all the folders listed in Setup\Folders so probably if they are remote (not local) it could take very longtime. As usual i cannot help more through the forum so you can fill a report and i'll take a look,

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22 Jul 2017 14:21 - 23 Jul 2017 01:49 #83645 by paul03034
Replied by paul03034 on topic MB Studio using UDP connection to mbsoft.net ?
I'm trashing that workstation that has the issue and doing a different one as I suspect it might be the computers fault although I have done several installs. It is a Windows 8.1 Pro machine, same as server.
After reboot of the computer that was working before upgrade, it started working, but it is a Windows 7 Pro machine.
If a different computer and install have the same issue of not seeing mapped drives, I will send a debug report.

Thank you very much!
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