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21 Sep 2019 02:53 #88431 by paul03034
Weather Updates was created by paul03034
One of the reasons I purchased two licenses to use your software was for the weather automation feature. I use it every hour to run a 1 minute weather and update conditions during 30 minutes past hour along with the temperature, but my issue is the program only calls for an update once an hour and the reason you said was it is charged against your account and costs you money.

I get complaints or insults from listeners that say we can't read a thermometer or know what it is doing outside, because the temperature I announce is way off sometimes by 10+ degrees F.
It is true to what they say as where I am at we can have the temperature change 20 degrees F in 30 minutes, plus the conditions go from Sunny to thunderstorm.

I announce automatically sometimes that it is sunny when it is cloudy and the temperature is 75 F and really it is 62 F. I click setup and click weather location and I see it has changed on weather site as it updates to cloudy and 62 F which makes me look foolish on the air using this weather automation feature.

Is there not something you can do to allow the end user to set up an account with the weather service and use their account to update the weather with a software feature that allows the user to choose how often to update the weather?

I love your program, but this feature I do not love and want to update more often to stop making the station look stupid.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and I really hope you can do something to resolve what is a bug in our operation here.

By the way in the weather window at top right always says Mist no matter what the condition is, so that is a bug I guess as it did work many versions before latest version of software.

Thank you!!!!

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22 Sep 2019 22:27 #88445 by MB SOFT
Replied by MB SOFT on topic Weather Updates
I think it's almost 3 years that MB STUDIO works like this so i wonder the problem occurred now.

However first you can contact our weather provider and ask how much frequently they update the data for your area. Because if they update the data not so often like you need you will still be in trouble.

In the near future i will add the option to use a personal account on so you can set the data query at the desired interval (but i'ts not ensured the data on the provider side are so often updated)

as for the mist this is what the provider send to MB STUDIO. You can always check the weather data on

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