Limit song length question

25 Jan 2020 17:04 #89413 by paul03034
Limit song length question was created by paul03034
How can I limit any songs picked by MBStudio say 8-10 minutes before the top of the hour to say maybe no longer than 3:45 and after that restore to any length?
If it's possible to run several different limits starting at 15 minutes before hour and then 10 minutes and then 5 minutes would maybe help more where you narrow down lengths on each limit of length.

I want to get my top of the hour closer to the top and I have had songs occasionally play 3 minutes before the top that were 10 minutes long making my top of hour 7 minutes past top. I don't want to just hard limit time and it's okay to be a minute or two off. I do not like to have song start and 30 seconds later end song, so limiting song length before hand would solve issue.

Thank you for any help on this !

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26 Jan 2020 17:13 - 26 Jan 2020 17:14 #89421 by MB SOFT
Replied by MB SOFT on topic Limit song length question
Just schedule your top of hour in MB SPOT and enable the option "force" with ex: 2 minutes.

Let's see an exemple:

Here i created a break at 00:59:00 with 2 minutes of Foce Wait.

If the current song will end between 00:59:00 and 01:01:00 the "TOP OF THE HOUR" will start play normally

If at 01:01:00 the current song it's still playing MB STUDIO will fade out the current song and start playing THE TOP OF HOUR however in this case the song has already played 2 minutes

If you prefer to play a song to for a minimum of 3 minutes you can adjust the time of the break and the force value to sweet your needs.

Ex: Time Break 00:58:30 and force wait of 3 minutes.

With this system you don't have anymore too much short play of a song while keeping the break on time.

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