Thanks to some wildcard words it's possible to customize the output format of streaming metadata, local text file OnAir.txt or the RDS encoder output or video titles.

The following wildcards apply only to this fields:

  • Setup\Webcast\Metadata\Text 2017-04-25_234224.png
  • Setup\WebExport\Options\OnAir.txt\Text 2017-04-25_234343.png
  • Setup\RDS\Dynamic Ps1 2017-04-25_234457.png


If the field is empty MB STUDIO automatically output the current song title or playlist title or break title or show name.

when you prefer to limit the output to only some type of items you can enter one of the following wildcard words:

%noplaylisttitle% never display playlist or break title, instead output the station name

%songsonly% output only songs title, last played song stay until a new song play onair

%nosongs% never output song titles, instead output current playlist or break title or the show name

%item0% this is the currently onair item.

Other wildcard words are:

%timexx% - onair time of item xx
%itemxx% -  title of item xx  ( if the item is a song, the output is artist - title)
%yearxx% -  year of item xx
%commentxx% - comment of item xx
%albumxx% - album of item xx
%authorxx% - author of item xx
%labelxx% - label of item xx
%codexx% - code of item xx
%filexx% - filename of item xx
%customaxx% - custom1 value of item xx
%custombxx% - custom2 value of item xx
%customcxx% - custom3 value of item xx
%artist% - artist name of item xx
%title% - title of item xx

replace xx with the corresponding playlist position you want (0=curently onair, from -1 to -99 history item, from 1 to 99 next items)

 With MB STUDIO PRO it's possible to schedule changes of the export fields based on hours or days using AGENDA - Internal Command