• Connect is used to establish the initial connection with the studio. If the connection is successful you will see in the window the list of objects currently broadcast in MB STUDIO in the radio main studio.
  • Talk - Voice Track is used to superimpose your voice on what's on air in MB STUDIO, as if it were a voice track. It is useful for making announcements about songs.
  • Play Now to immediately go live. As soon as you click that button, the object that is broadcast in MB STUDIO will be faded and you will be live
  • Next is equivalent to the NEXT button of MB STUDIO and therefore you have to click it when you have finished your live connection and you want to restore the line to the studio or when you want to fade out the current item.
  • Chat is used to message with those in the main studio.
  • Disconnect is used to terminate all connections.

To prelisten the audio return from MB STUDIO, click the speaker to the left of the "On Air" box


To prelisten any item click on the speaker on the left of the item

and with the left / right arrows you can move backwards / forwards by 1 minute


Double left click = allows you to insert in the Playlist:

  1. an "MB LIVE stream"

  2. a DELAY (to stop the automation until you click NEXT)

  3. a selected item from the Search window, or a selected item from the Favorites window


Right click = allows you to delete or move the selected item

To search for a remote audio file write at least 4 letters in the search box and carriage or click "Search"

Since the search is by file name, the song files of the MB STUDIO music archive must be named Artist - Title with the appropriate function:

  1. Close all MB STUDIO except for the main one.
  2. Go to the song window and be sure to view all the songs by clicking the "cancel search" button 2018-09-02_195926.png
  3. From the Edit menu select "All songs" 2018-09-02_195901.png
  4. From the Edit menu select "Rename file to Artist - Title" 2018-09-02_195659.png
  5. At the end of the operation (Which can last a few minutes) Save the archive 2018-09-02_195834.png

To insert an item from the search to the playlist on the air, drag it with the mouse (Drag & drop) or right click and choose an option:


To insert an item from Favorites to the playlist on the air, drag it with the mouse (Drag & drop) or right click and choose an option: