This section adjusts the advanced features of the sound card:

  • Exclusive: if active, only MB STUDIO can use the audio output or input preventing other applications from sending or receiving audio.
  • Ch: configuration for multichannel cards, from here it is possible to route the audio to one or more outputs. It has no effect if the card exposes only one stereo input or output.
  • Event Style: if active, the stream coming from WASAPI is "taken" by the sound card (management through events), less latency and smaller buffer size,
    all WASAPI sessions (creation, use and destruction) are managed in a single instance. This mode of operation is not supported by all sound cards. Has no effect with ASIO entries / exits (card number from 200 upwards)
  • Audio Buffer: The size of the buffer serves to guarantee a continuous and uninterrupted flow of data. Its size may vary from case to case. If you hear interruptions or noise while listening, try increasing the buffer size.
  • Device: Opens the WASAPI or ASIO configuration panel of the sound card.
  • Apply Changes: reinitializes the sound card and sets the new parameters
  • Level:  adjusts the input or output level of the sound card from 0 (silence) to 100 (maximum). The adjustment is instantaneous, no need to click Apply changes