This section adjusts the advanced features of the sound card:

  • Level: adjusts the input or output level of the sound card from 0 (silence) to 100 (maximum).
  • Exclusive: if active, only MB STUDIO can use the audio output or input preventing other applications from sending or receiving audio.
  • Ch: configuration for multichannel cards, from here it is possible to route the audio to one or more outputs. It has no effect if the card exposes only one stereo output.
  • Event Style: if active, the stream coming from WASAPI is "taken" by the sound card (management through events), less latency and smaller buffer size,
    all WASAPI sessions (creation, use and destruction) are managed in a single instance. This mode of operation is not supported by all sound cards.
  • Audio Buffer: The size of the buffer serves to guarantee a continuous and uninterrupted flow of data. Its size may vary from case to case. If you hear interruptions or noise while listening, try increasing the buffer size.
  • Amplification: amplifies the input signal if it is too low
  • Device: Opens the WASAPI or ASIO configuration panel of the sound card.
  • Apply Changes: reinitializes the sound card and sets the new parameters