MB STUDIO PRO includes a Time stretch function that changes a song so that it plays at a faster or slower speed than the original, without affecting the pitch of the song. This function is useful when you have time appointments to respect and at the same time you want to avoid a premature cut of the song.

Let's see an example: exactly at 09:00:00 we want to brodcast a break with the hourly announcement + news bulletin.

  1. If we activate the "Forcing" option at 09:00:00 the song will be prematurely cut and the break will be broadcasted.
  2. If we do not activate the "Forcing" option, the break will be broadcasted when the song ends, so it could be delayed..
  3. If we activate the "Tempo" option MB STUDIO PRO will do everything possible to end the song as close as possible to 09:00:00 so that the time will be respected and without prematurely cutting the song..

How does it work?

Activating the "Tempo" option MB STUDIO PRO modifies the playback speed of the broadcasted songs in the previous 45 minutes. The variation applied varies between -4 and + 4% and is automatically calculated and managed by MB STUDIO PRO. The speed variation only applies to songs (loaded in the MB STUDIO Songs archive). The function also requires the presence of one or more random files categorized as genre "TEMPO" and of short duration (maximum 1 minute), if necessary, they will be used as fillers to get to the preset tempo point (they can be promotional messages, short jingles or effects or backing tracks)

The function is of the "best result" type, in the best case the song will finish exactly at the scheduled time, in other cases there will be a limited delay.

The Tempo function works best if:

  • The songs in the playlist are of dance pop rock genre and radio edit version (duration about 3 or 4 minutes)
  • If one or more random files with genre "TEMPO" and of short duration (in any case not exceeding 1 minute) are loaded,
  • There aren't too many playlist changes in the 45 minutes prior to the hourly appointment. Any modification to the playlist (insertion / deletion of items) forces MB STUDIO PRO to recalculate the speeds and may not be able to respect the hourly appointment.
  • There are no other breaks in the 15 minutes prior to the hourly appointment.
  • The function fails if few or no songs are broadcast in the 45 minutes preceding the hourly appointment.

How it activates?

There are 2 ways to activate the Time function:

  • in the properties of a break in MB SPOT2021-03-23_113254.jpg
  • via Agenda \ Internal Command in MB STUDIO PRO 2021-03-23_113649.jpg

Note that while the breaks are disabled2021-03-23_121407.jpg the Tempo function does not work, in this case use the Agenda to set the Tempo function

When the Tempo effect is applied to the current broadcasting song, the value applied is shown in the CPU box photo_2021-03-27_18-55-29.jpg