Starting from version 8.69.3 MB STUDIO allows the automatic installation of updates up to the license update expiry date. After the expiration date you can extend the updates for a further 12 months from here:https://www.mbradio.it/en/shop/mbstudio/12-months-of-mb-studio-software-updates

From the MBStudio \ License menu it is possible to enable or disable the automatic installation of updates.

When a new update is available MB STUDIO downloads and installs it automatically between 3 am and 5 am (MB STUDIO must therefore be running at that time). The installation involves a brief interruption of the broadcast and takes place at the end of the song currently on the air (to avoid an abrupt musical cut that would be unpleasant to the listener).

If, on the other hand, the version is NoLicense MB STUDIO downloads the update but installs it only at the next restart of MB STUDIO or Windows.

Only minor updates are installed by this method, for example all updates from to are installed automatically, but when a major version change occurs (for example from 8.70 to 8.71) it is still necessary to proceed with the manual installation (due to changes in the database that cannot be done automatically)