Starting from version of MB STUDIO PRO (no LITE - HOME), expert users can customize the TIME ANNOUNCEMENT or DATE ANNOUNCEMENT event by specifying a list of files to play; this allows for example to create a multilingual or multi-time zone announcement.

It is necessary to create a simple text file which must be saved in the MBStudio folder and must have the name "Time Announcement.ini" or "Date Announcement.ini"

In the text we must insert a file for each line

The file name may contain WILDCARDS LIST

The file name can contain a path, if it does not contain a path MB STUDIO will search for the file inside the default folder you set in CONFIGURATION - OPTIONS - ANNOUNCEMENT

Here are a couple of examples:

 Time announcement in 2 different languages, Italian and English  2023-10-11_145403.jpg

 Time announcement in 2 different languages

with an audio effect between the 2 languages

and the second language has one hour less than the first


MB STUDIO will paste all files and play them as one file when you use the TIME ANNOUNCEMENT or DATE ANNOUNCEMENT event

Note that the files are pasted and not mixed

A possible bed should not be inserted here but this procedure should be used TIME ANNOUNCEMENT