2014 12 31 002800

This EVENT is called RANDOM FILE and is intended to play a random file from a specified folder. This function must not misconfused with the RANDOMF FILES: in that case files are added to a database and file properties can be set as genre, hours, calendar.. In this case, MB STUDIO will choose any file from the specified folder.

All the files will play once before to play a second time.

It's not required to add the specified folder into the MB STUDIO Setup / Folders list.

It's possible to filter the choice by name and/or extension, some examples:

  • to choose a file containing the word "summer" in the box "folder" we must wrote C:\Folder\*Summer*.*
  • to choose only files with extension .mp3 in the box "folder" we must wrote C:\Folder\*.mp3
  • to choose a file whose name began with "love" in the box "folder" we must wrote C:\Folder\love*.*
  • to choose any file in the box "folder" we must wrote c:\Folder\*.*