This RANDOM FILE FROM A FOLDER and is intended to play a random file from a specified folder.

MB STUDIO will choose any file from the specified folder.

All the files will play once before to play a second time.

It's not required to add the specified folder into the MB STUDIO Setup / Folders list.

It's possible to filter the choice by name and/or extension, some examples:

  • to choose a file containing the word "summer" in the box "folder" we must wrote C:\Folder\*Summer*.*
  • to choose only files with extension .mp3 in the box "folder" we must wrote C:\Folder\*.mp3
  • to choose a file whose name began with "love" in the box "folder" we must wrote C:\Folder\love*.*
  • to choose any file in the box "folder" we must wrote c:\Folder\*.*